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Last Minute Bowling Ball Cake

Bowling Ball and Pins Cake. ” I don’t  mean to rush you but hurry”. I had to laugh as the person ordering and organizing this bowling alley party was a friend from our graduate school days. So couldn’t say no. No ball pan, no worries. Two stainless steel same sized bowls, bakers spray and I was off and running. Not enough time to dry the pins to stand them up so I laid  them down. But that’s how you win at bowling right? Knock them down.

Finally boxed and ready to go….then the ultimate no no for a fondant cake. Torrential rain and humidity. Then the call, could you deliver it? Of course I can…lol…I love getting cakes into the vehicle in rain.  I was determined.  A beautiful port cochere at the bowling alley but not for cars.  My friend ran out with a huge umbrella, I got my thank you for being such a trooper  hug for the day and he raced back inside cake in tow. Cake fun.

Needless to say this decadent chocolate cake was a hit at the party. Fun to be 11 years old.


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