Last-Minute Hummingbird Birthday Cake

We were having a February birthday party for the birthdays in my family which was my niece, son, and my mom.  Of course my niece wanted a Barbie birthday, and my son wanted a cowboy birthday. This left me in a bit of a bind with what to do, so I did a Barbie, Cowboy and tried my hand at a hummingbird.  The night before the party I started messing around with fondant trying to decide what and how I was going to make the cake.

I first made the flower which I was getting frustrated with because my fondant was a bit dry so it wasn’t turning out as I wanted.  So I started messing around with the fondant when my 4 year old daughter walked by and said “cool hummingbird mom!”  At this stage it was all white, so I went with it!  All I had my my gel food coloring so I used that to paint it, it stayed a little wet but that was the least of my worries.

I finished the cake and lined the bottom with leaves and that was all the time that I had before the party. Three cakes in one morning what a lot of work but it was worth it when my mom got tears in her eyes!  I had prepared her for having a Barbie girl birthday!