Light Up Frozen Cake

This Frozen cake was an easy one for me to make.  My niece was absolutely insistent that her cake have lights on it, so I found some on eBay and ordered them.  That had me sweating for a bit because I had forgotten to change my address. Because of the error, the lights ended up coming just a couple of days before I was to leave to visit my niece for her birthday. LOL!

Frozen Cake Details

  • I baked the cakes the night before I needed them.
  • I also made the snow topper for the glass globe.
  • The snowflake on top of the globe was an ornament I found at the Dollar Store.
  • The next day, I put all of the pieces together.
  • I iced and stacked the two cakes.
  • I placed Elsa and Olaf figures on the top tier under the glass globe. It took a couple of tries with Olaf because he kept falling over.
  • Anna and Sven figures were added to the second tier along with blue candles.
  • The lights I used are fairy lights and they worked wonderfully.
  • The snowflake decorations were felt stickers I bought at the craft store.

The look on my niece’s face when she came downstairs was priceless and it was a big hit with everyone at the party!