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45+ Coolest Little Einsteins Cake Ideas and Little Einsteins Rocket Cakes

Take a look at these cool homemade Little Einsteins cake ideas shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the birthday cakes here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

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Cake by Tabatha L., Willow Grove, PA

Coolest Little Einsteins Cake Ideas and Photos

I made this Little Einstein cake for my daughter Zoe. She loves Rocket. I used nine cakes to get the shape I wanted. I froze cake and carved Rocket out, then covered in buttercream. I then covered cake in fondant. I used Fondant to make windows, lights and used Rice Crispy Treats to make engines which I then covered in fondant.

I made the ding dong on top out of fondant then stuck a lollypop in through it. I then placed cake on top of two larger cakes on the bottom which I colored to look like the sky.

Cake by Jane B., Rockville, MD,

Little Einsteins Cake Photo

My two year old just loves Disney’s Little Einstein and especially Rocket. Of course they don’t make a cake pan for Little Einsteins cake so I took an oval shaped graduated Pyrex dish and a large round pan (I think it was 14″). I cut the large round cake into an oval shape to be just a little bit larger than the cake that came out of the oval Pyrex pan.

Then I put the Pyrex cake on top of the other cake (buttercream frosting in the middle). I frosted it all with buttercream frosting. I made the rocket thrusters out of extra pieces of cake. After frosting everything I covered it all with red fondant. I cut the “wings” of the thrusters out of cardboard and covered them with fondant too. Then I just piped the details with buttercream frosting. I modeled it after the “pat-pat rocket” which you can find in Target stores. I also found a Little Einstein activity sticker book and used a sticker of Leo, June, Annie and Quincy for the front window. I took a small tootsie pop and covered that with fondant for the little antenna on top of rocket.

Cake by Carley K., Pittsburgh, PA

Little Einsteins Cake Photo

I made this Little Einsteins cake from one round 8” pan. I had planned to purchase a dome pan but had a hard time finding a dome pan so at the last minute and opted to cut a Styrofoam ball in half. Wilton carried a dome pan. And I contemplated using one of those pans for Barbie skirts. Either would work well.

I made two colors of icing, blue and red. I purchased food color for the icing at a cake supply store. It is very concentrated. I bought the black gel for the trim work and used gum drops for the headlights. I also purchased a sugar decal from eBay. I had to trim out the characters. Sugar decals are very brittle, be cautious. I applied the decal after I iced the two “cake” pieces together.

I used Twinkies to create the jets on the side. Decorate with black gel and apply the gum drops. The Rocket cake was not served. But the cupcakes were a huge hit. I made several varieties from chocolate and yellow batter and chocolate and vanilla frosting. To ice the cupcakes I stirred the icing in a shallow bowl to soften and make it more spreadable. Invert the cupcakes and gently trill in the icing. Multi-colored sprinkles were sprinkled over the cupcakes and the table. The candies in the corner are little square pretzels with a Hershey kiss slightly warmed on top and an M&M (plain or peanut holiday color) pressed on top.

Be creative with this one, there are endless ideas for unique cakes on the web to give you ideas. I also tried Rolos instead of Hershey kisses. The guests loved them.

Cake by Christy P., Richmond, VA

Little Einsteins Cake Photo

I prepared this Little Einsteins cake for a friend. I used a half sheet cake for the bottom layer. I iced it with sky blue butter cream icing with a star tip boarder around the bottom. For the rocket I baked a one layer 8″ round cake and tapered the top edge for a rounded effect and I used an oven safe bowl to bake the top dome of the rocket.

For the engines I used four cupcakes (two for each engine) trimmed flat and attached at their tops. I put the rocket together on the sheet cake before icing it. I iced the whole thing red butter cream and then used the sky blue icing with the star tip to fill in the windows. With the remaining white icing I placed clouds on the sheet cake and tinted a small amount black for the engines and yellow for the lights.

Cake by Jennifer M., Corpus Christi, TX

Little Einsteins Cake Photo

The theme for the party was the Little Einstein’s cartoon. For the Little Einsteins cake I used a Betty Crocker dome pans to make the top of the rocket ship and the bottom pan to make a small circular pie shape for the bottom of the ship. Iced the top and bottom red and iced a window light blue. Using a writing tip I drew the lines on the windows. Small muffin pans were used for the rocket boosters and were also iced red.

Since this cake is small I placed it on a regular half sheet rectangular cake and iced that cake a darker brighter blue than the window to make it look like the sky and used white icing to make clouds. Yellow gumdrops were placed as the lights on the ship. It was a little bit of work cooking all the separate cakes but it came out very nice and the kid’s loved it.

Cake by Melissa P., Hamilton, OH

Little Einsteins Cake Photo

For all those mother’s out there searching for Disney Little Einstein’s party supplies here’s the cake for you! My girls were so into Little Einsteins they had to have an Einstein party and a Little Einsteins cake. It’s hard to find decorations so we made our own right down to the Little Einsteins cake!

I used the Wilton Soccer ball pan for the dome shape and then layered it on top of a 10 inch round cake. For the jet engines on the cake we used Twinkies and decorated them with icing to match the cake. I printed pictures of each Little Einstein from the internet and glued them with icing to the front of the cake. This also could be done with edible paper if that’s available to you. Ours were just removed before eating.

The only part of decorating other than icing was the blue window and we just used a star tip for that! Our girls were quite surprised to have such a cool Little Einsteins cake for their party!! They even ended up naming our new puppy – Rocket!

Cake by Theresa G., Newark, CA

Little Einsteins Cake Photo

You’ll need: A standard cake mix equally divided into a round baking pan and a dome shaped pan from a craft store or use a 2-1/2 quart oven proof glass baking bowl. Two snack cakes “Twinkies”, red and blue food color paste (Wilton’s no-taste red recommended), white frosting, 2 large yellow gumdrops or NECCO candies or yellow frosting, red decorating tube or decorator bag with a piping tip.

Bake, cool and remove the cakes from the pans. Mix the red color paste with white frosting to achieve a vibrant red. Mix a small portion of the blue paste to achieve the blue for Rocket’s windows. Frost the round cake with red. Place the dome on top and slightly towards one edge leaving room for the headlights. Frost the dome with red leaving space for the window. Frost the window with blue frosting and then outline it with red piping. Cover the Twinkies with red frosting and place on the sides of the rocket. Add the yellow gumdrop or NECCO candy headlights (or pipe in circles in yellow frosting).

The Little Einsteins cake idea came from some very talented ladies at www.amazingmoms.com. I modified it a bit. The cake got raves.

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