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Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Birthday Cake

I made this Little Einsteins Rocket Birthday Cake for my son Dominikk’s 2nd birthday. It was pretty easy to make.

I used a 16in round cake pan for the base of rocket. For the top where the windows are I used a round casserole dish and filled it 3/4 of the way (had to cook it on at a little higher temp than the metal pan). After the cake cooled I cut the round 16in cake into an oval, the remaining pieces I cut to make the rocket engines and the top wings.

I leveled out the bottom of the cake that came out of the round casserole dish and placed it on top. I used a cherry lollipop for the rocket signaling thing (on the very top of cake). I used vanilla frosting and red food coloring for the red frosting. Vanilla frosting with blue food coloring for the windows. Then I outlined it with the small tubes of black cupcake icing. (do the windows first so you don’t cover the whole cake in red).

For the yellow headlights I used yellow icing. Overall it probably took me 3 hours to do the whole thing. I had lots of fun and everyone loved it!

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