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Cool Homemade Little Einsteins Rocket Birthday Cake

I created this Little Einsteins Rocket Birthday Cake for my son’s second birthday using a 9”round cake tin and 6” round cake tin.

I started by baking two separate cakes, one sponge and the other chocolate. To keep things simple I used a whipped cream and jam filling with both and then covered in butter icing before covering with red sugarpaste. I had the smaller cake sitting on a 6” cake card while decorating.

Before placing the smaller cake on top of the larger cake I inserted 3 plastic dowling rods cut to the correct size for support. I placed the smaller cake near the back of the larger cake to give the effect of the top of the rocket.

To create the sides of the rocket I used the end I had cut of another cake covered again with buttericing and red sugarpaste.

To create the widows I cut three segments of blue sugarpaste and attached with edible gum glue and the lights were black and yellow sugarpaste again attached using edible gum glue.

To create the stars I used a medium sized star shaped cookie cutter and then inserted cake wire and left to harden before writing the letters using a red icing pen. To establish the effect of the stars in the sky I inserted the cake wire into the back of the cake.

The figurines were borrowed from my son’s toy rocket.

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