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Cake by Stacy S., Linton, IN

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For my two year old little boy’s birthday I made this Max and Ruby cake. It was so hard to find any Max and Ruby items anywhere that I had to make everything. I used box cake mix (gasp) but it was really easy to use. I baked it in a 9×13 glass cake pan.

When the cake was very cooled I transferred the cake from the pan to the colorful tray I had. I then cut the bunny ear shape off the top of the cake. I used white store bought icing as the base because Max is a white bunny. I freehand colored in Max with piping and I used a picture of Max for inspiration. It was very easy. I put the cake in the fridge and the piping hardened nicely. Once I had the shape of Max’s ears cut out the rest was simple. I used peeps on the side of the tray.

Cake by Lesley van T., Mission, B.C

Max and Ruby Cake Photo

My son loves Max and Ruby so I decided to make him a Max Cake. I started out making a 9X13 cake and made MM fondant for the icing. I got the recipe online here…

I also found a couple of coloring pages from Max and Ruby online and picked out the nicest one of just Max. After the cake was baked and had cooled off I put buttercream icing on it and stuck the rolled out MM fondant on top.

I colored some MM fondant blue and used a coloring page as a template for Max’s overall. I made Max’s body out of purple icing (I didn’t have any black icing). I colored some of the remaining MM fondant green and still had some blue left and changed those into 2 balloons for my son’s second birthday.

I colored Max’s shirt in with yellow and red buttercream icing. To finish it off I added some licorice for whiskers and added blue stars on his pocket for interest. I also added 2 candles one on each balloon.

Max and Ruby Cake Photo

Unfortunately I didn’t have a picture of the finished result (I’m missing the whiskers, the stars and the candles) cause I added those just before I presented the cake to the guests. I do have it on Video though. Everyone loved the cake especially the kids. And my son still talks about his Max and Ruby cake.

Cake by Denise R., St. John’s, NL

Max and Ruby Cake Photo

A friend of mine wanted a Max and Ruby cake for her daughter’s birthday so I decided to tackle the project. I baked the cake and then frosted it with Buttercream icing. I then let it sit for about 15 minutes to slightly harden and then used parchment paper to smooth the cake.

I traced the Max and Ruby picture onto parchment paper and ran out of piping gel so I laid the picture on the cake and outlined it using a toothpick. The piping gel would have worked much better. After I had it outlined I drew it using black piping. I also used the spray on color to add some yellow to the background as well as Ruby’s dress.

Cake by Lara R., Winnipeg, MB Canada

Max and Ruby Cake Photo

I started with a rectangular cake. I printed the image off on the computer, and placed it on to the cake. I carved around the paper to shape the cake. Then, I iced the cake using butter cream icing.