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6 Cool Mickey Mouse Picture Cakes for Birthday Cake Inspiration

Here’s a cool collection of Mickey Mouse picture cakes. Make sure to check out the many Mickey Mouse cakes on the site – they’re sure to provide you with lots of inspiration!

Cool 3D Mickey Mouse Picture Cake

Mickey Mouse picture cake submitted by AJ C., Perth, Australia

Mickey Mouse Picture Cake

I promised my two year old a Mickey cake for her party and not having ever made a decorated cake before underestimated the task! But it was great fun even if some of the pieces were a bit unstable! Making Mickey himself copies from a Mickey mouse picture was heaps of fun, using ‘plastic icing’ which lets you be very creative with colors and shape.

The base is a straightforward rectangle tin, the red dome a pudding tin and the rest was plastic icing. The black ‘head and ears’ on top were painted Styrofoam. I forgot to put her name on it though and had to use an icing pen at the last moment which wasn’t the best thing to do as it ran into the green.

Cool Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse picture cake submitted by Shari C., Pawtucket, RI

Mickey Mouse Picture Cake

I made one chocolate 9” round cake and two vanilla 6” round cakes. Then I printed a Mickey Mouse picture off the web and cut it out. I bought the colored gel to make my frosting and Mickey colors were sold out. So I purchased Dora the Explorer and used those.

I frosted the 9” with white frosting then drew an outline with a toothpick of Mickey. Then I used frosting bags with a star tip and made his eyes, nose, mouth and face. I then frosted the ears (two 6in cakes) with chocolate frosting.

I took a package of Oreo’s and took out all the cream in the middle. Placed them in my food processor and crushed them good. Then was the tedious task of sprinkling the cookies all over the cake. The ears were easy but making it stick to the sides was harder then I thought. Then I put them all together on a board.

Mickey Mouse Cake with Cake Pan

Mickey Mouse picture cake submitted by Angela G., Smyrna, TN

Mickey Mouse Picture Cake

This was my first attempt at a character cake. My daughter-in-law wanted a Mickey Mouse cake for my grand-daughter’s first birthday. I bought the pan from someone on Craig list for $10.00 — and off we went. Last fall I had taken the Wilton course 1 class at my local Hobby Lobby and my daughter-in-law has some decorating skills that she had learned from her grandmother. Together we made a great team.

So with a Mickey Mouse picture on hand, we first placed white icing only in the areas that looked like the background, not on the entire cake. We then outlined the entire body and clothing. We then began to “star” in all the colors. After all the colors were in we went back and added the details on the gloves and shoes.

We presented this cake at my grand-daughter birthday and we received so many complements on how great it turned out.

3D Mickey Mouse Picture Cake

Mickey Mouse picture cake submitted by Kendra P., Leroy, IL

Mickey Mouse Picture Cake

My daughter fell in love with the new Disney TV series, MM Clubhouse last fall. The idea came after we bought the MM Clubhouse toy set for Christmas and also copied a Mickey Mouse picture. The cake is a basic full-sheet cake. I frosted it with colored buttercream frosting first. All of the decorations are made from 100% fondant with the exception of the characters on the turning wheels, this I ordered online.

The decorations were fairly easy to create, just like working with play-doh. My teenager helped me color all the fondant (we used the Kitchen Aid mixer with the dough hook worked great!). We made each piece days beforehand to allow for drying time. The fencing around the entire set was done the day of the party. I wanted it to still be flexible to bend and adjust in place. We also drew on some of the pieces with edible markers.

Awesome Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse picture cake submitted by Sarah W., Halifax, Canada

Mickey Mouse Picture Cake

I made this cake for my nephew’s second birthday party. He loves to watch Mickey’s Clubhouse DVD so that was a perfect theme for his party. I copied the cake from a Mickey Mouse picture.

The bottom is just a large rectangle cake (I like using the rainbow bits cake mixes for kids as it’s a fun surprise when you cut it) covered with green icing and coconut. I split another cake mix between a metal bowl and a loaf pan for the body of the clubhouse (covered in red icing) and the foot (covered in yellow fondant). The head and ears are Styrofoam balls that I painted. The rest of the cake is made with colored fondant and candy. It was a bit of work but well worth it for the look on my nephews face when he saw it.

Cute Mickey Mouse Cake and Cupcakes

Mickey Mouse picture cake submitted by Melvina N., Tucson, AZ

Mickey Mouse Picture Cake

This is the first time I decorated a cake. My daughter-in-law asked me if I could try decorating a cake for my grandson Lucas’ third birthday. He loves Mickey Mouse and my daughter-in-law purchased the cake pans for the large cake and the mini cakes. I practiced on the mini cakes about two weeks before the party and they came out fairly well so I decided to make the large one also.

We served a little Mickey Mouse cake to each child and the large one was left for the grown ups to eat. Everyone at the party gave me lots of compliments! I think I will continue to decorate cakes for our family’s special occasions. It is really quite simple. I just followed the directions on the cake pan and also looked at a Mickey Mouse picture. The supplies are not expensive and can be found at most cake supply shops or online.

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