Coolest Monster Truck Cake Ideas

The tires on this monster truck cake are chocolate donuts dipped in thinned black icing. The Lights are marshmallows.

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Cake by Rob B., Pensacola, FL

Monster Truck Picture

I decided to make this monster truck cake and icing from scratch. Since I’m new to baking I made a great mistake by using confectioner’s sugar instead of regular to make the cake and it came out like really sweet chocolate bread. I wanted to do a nice vibrant color but my four year was determined to have it black. I got my idea from this site and just worked with it.

I used toasted marshmallows to resemble rocks and chocolate donuts for wheels. With how popular the wheels were I think I’ll just make a cake out of nothing but donuts next time.

Cake by Winnie L., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Monster Truck Picture

For my son’s fifth birthday he asked specifically for Monster Mutt after seeing the Monster Jam show. He wants the monster truck cake on a ramp complete with dirt. I actually got the idea of using a donut for the tires from another cake on this website (Thanks!).

The truck and ramp were both cut into the right dimensions by hand and stuck together using whipping cream frosting. The tongue/ears/teeth were made with fruit rollups and marshmallow pieces. The ramp is covered with graham wafer crumbs to look like dirt.

It took a whole day and night but he just loved it and totally got the wow factor at his party!

Monster Truck Picture

Cake by S. Wood, San Diego, CA

Monster Truck Picture

This monster truck cake is just a simple sheet cake frosted with chocolate and Monster Jam Trucks (theme was Grave Digger), crushing metal cast cars and buses. I copied the sponsors from the Monster Jam website and made a stadium effect and used checked paper on the outside to finish off. So simple but the kids loved it!