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Coolest My Little Pony Cake Ideas

I made this Pinkie Pie My Little Pony cake for my daughter’s third birthday. I rented a Wilton Pony cake pan that is now discontinued from our local cake store (very affordable considering you only use the pan once). I spread a crumb layer with thinned decorator’s icing and let it dry overnight. Then I frosted the rest of the cake with pink decorator’s icing.

I made the eye first. Then I used a dark pink to outline the body parts of the pony. I then filled in with the lighter pink star tip on the pony’s body. Then I went back over my dark pink outline again to make it stand out a little more. Finally I used a large star tip to make the tail swirls. She loved it!

More My Little Pony Cake Ideas

Cake by Beth R., West Jeff, OH

My Little Pony Cake

This idea came from family fun website for a My little pony cake. I used round pans and traced the eye from a book. The eyes and flowers are the only things not edible. I wanted a big girlie Little Pony Eye.

The mane was can decorating frosting with the different tips I bought on clearance after Easter. My three year old daughter loved it! I love your great website!

Cake by Cindy G., Philly, PA

My Little Pony Cake

This year my daughter wanted to go with a My Little Pony cake – specifically Pinkie Pie! I do not bother with molded pans. Just take a picture of an image you want to use (such as from the party plates – or even take a picture of the TV!) print it out use clear or other color writing gel to outline the image and flip it onto the frosted cake. I find a fun background color (rather than white) is more forgiving and makes the cake look better! Then just fill in using various colored frosting and cake decorating tips.

Very helpful to have lots of tips and bags and couplers on hand! And mix the different colors in paper bowls – because it gets to be a lot of dishes!

Cake by Yariela M., Loveland, CO

My Little Pony Cake

My daughter loves My Little Pony so I made her My little Pony cake for her third birthday. I got ideas from this website. I used regular store bought cake mix and frosting. Next birthday I’ll do everything from scratch. I printed a blown-up picture of a pony from the internet. I cut around the picture on two 13 by 9 cakes. I then free handed the frosting. It was my first time decorating a cake like this. It was fun!