Ocean Scene Cake

My son designed this ocean scene cake for his sixth birthday. He wanted coconut “Luau Huts” for five crabs (he has seen hermit crabs in the pet store with little huts made of half a coconut). We eventually settled on only two crabs because of space.

The crabs and stars are made of gum paste that I colored using gel colors. The luau huts are made out of mini cupcakes with the lumpy parts shaved off, and covered with chocolate frosting using a writing tip. The bonfire is also of gum paste using brown for logs, and red, orange, and yellow pieces I cut out for flames. The bonfire and the crab huts served as the candle holders. There is also a baby T-Rex under a palm tree in the background (at my son’s request).

The fish are Swedish fish. The surfboards are cut out of sticks of colored gum, and the life preservers are Lifesavers candy. The limbo stick is made from toothpicks, and there’s a seal enjoying the day under a little umbrella up on the beach. The sand is a mixture of cocoa and sugar that I sprinkled on, and the rest is all colored frosting.

Looking at the pictures on this website inspired my son and me, and I had a wonderful time making this cake. Thank you all for sharing your photos!

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