I made this Off-Road ATV layered cake for my husband’s birthday last year. It is made out of orange cake with chocolate fudge frosting. It was pretty simple initially but the more I stacked the layers up the harder it was to control.

First I took a couple of sheet cakes and then cut them into different sizes so I could create a stairs looks to it.  Then I stacked them to make it look like a hill!  Fortunately at the cake shop I found some inexpensive fake trees and bushes. Then all I had to do was add some Hot Wheels and we had a cake!  It sill needed ‘something’…. so I added peanut butter for the ‘dirt’ roads and sprinkled broken up Oreo cookies for additional dirt and rock texture.

Wasn’t a perfect cake, but my husband really liked it! Great thing about it was the decoration were all edible or reusable too. Nothing I hate more than spending a ton of money on decorations that will never be used again.