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Original Homemade Buttons and Doilies Cake

This is a little cake I did (actually I did 2) for some very special ladies who are in the vintage reclaiming business. They both cater to my addiction and for this I decided to cake them!!

I printed off a doily template from the internet to give me a kind of guide. I then rolled a thin layer of gum paste over the pattern so that I could still make out the pattern. I used various cutters and icing tips to cut in the design to the doily. I then laid the doily atop a cake I hat iced with pale coral icing.

The buttons are gum paste made with button molds and tinted ivory, bronze, pale yellow and silver.

They were attached with piping gel to the cake.

I then set the cake on a candle holder that had a dowel rod fixed to it and stuck up through the cake to secure the cake (on a cake board) to it. The two separate cakes are pictured…one I left the doily to flare and the other I pushed it down to lay flat…I love them both.

Vintage and sweet…just like the good ole days!