Coolest Oscar the Grouch Birthday Cake Ideas

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Cake by Colleen A., Boston, NY

Coolest Oscar the Grouch Birthday Cake Photos and How-to Tips

I used the doll mold for the head and cut part of the top off to make the Oscar the Grouch head more round. I used an 8″ round for the lid on top of his head. If I needed more cake I would have used 10″ rounds on the bottom for the garbage can. I free formed the face off of an Oscar the Grouch picture.

I made this for my nephew that likes Oscar the Grouch and came up with the style by using different pans that I had.

Cake by Patricia C., Saratoga Springs, NY

Oscar the Grouch Birthday Cake Photo

Very easy – used a box chocolate cake and ready made frosting. Dyed frosting green and frosted each Oscar the Grouch cupcake. I used the un-dyed frosting to make large ball shapes (base of eyes) and then added a chocolate chip point side down for the pupils; piped on chocolate frosting for eyebrow and mouth.

These were a huge hit for my daughters daycare celebration – and the pictures were such a hit that people from work are planning on making them for their upcoming children’s birthdays.

Cake by Kristyn Z., Lancaster, PA

Oscar the Grouch Birthday Cake Photo

For my twin daughters’ 2nd birthday we did a Sesame Street character theme. I made 2 large cakes for the party guests and 2 individual cakes for my girls.

This Oscar the Grouch cake was made from a 4 inch spring form pan. It makes the perfect size for an individual cake. I had cups with Oscar’s face on them and just tried to copy his look.

For his green fur I used white icing and added green food coloring. With a knife I dabbed at the icing to make it rough and it had little peaks. A toothpick helps to clean up the fine lines.

The eyes are just a dollop of white icing with a dollop of black icing for the irises.

Cake by Lara R., Winnipeg, MB. Canada

Oscar the Grouch Birthday Cake Photo

This cake began as small rounds. I stacked 3 of them for the can. Then I cut the 4th in half and placed them back to back on the top of the can. I used a grass pull tip to make Oscar the Grouch’s hair and a 5 for the rest of the decorations. I made the can grey around the outside and black on the top.