80+ Coolest Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Ideas

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Cake by Natalie K., Mogadore, OH

Coolest Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Photos and How-to Tips

It took two boxed cake mixes and made a 9×13 and a 9” round for this Cookie Monster cake. I simply cut away what did not look like cookie’s body shape and I took the excess and made his arms with it. I then took two cupcakes for his eyes and frosted the cake with canned frosting which I tinted blue with frosting coloring. Frosted an initial crumb layer and then piped frosting to look like his fur over it. I frosted the eye cupcakes and piped his mouth on to finish the cake. I took cookies and pushed them down into his mouth and in his hand.

This cake took approximately three hours to bake and make.

Cake by Jason G., Fredericton, NB

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Photo

To make this cake I baked the following: – two 8 inch round cakes – two 10 inch round cakes – two 1 quart Pyrex bowl cakes – two bread loaf pan cakes. To assemble Cookie Monster using the above mentioned baked cakes: – 8 inch round on the bottom, two 10 inch rounds stacked on top followed by the second 8 inch round. – placed pieces of cake to build a neck (width the same as the bowl cakes and height about 2 inches) – I cut the edges of the upper 10 inch cake to angle it toward the 8 inch cake making it a more gradual slope. – put two bowl cakes together with the largest ends meeting to make a sphere shape (cookie monster’s head) and cut out a mouth shape in the bottom bowl cake. – Secured layers of cake from top to bottom with wooden skewers.

Cut arms, hands and feet from the loaf pan cakes. I took each loaf pan cake and sliced it into half the thickness to give me four long rectangles to work with. Attach arms hands and feet to body with toothpicks. Place cookie between hands and secure with toothpicks.

To frost: color five or six containers of Betty Crocker French Vanilla frosting with Wilton Royal Blue paste. Color a partial container of frosting with black. I used Betty Crocker Vanilla icing for the eyes – piped black icing into mouth and smoothed. Used icing bag with Wilton tip 233 to make his hair. I started at the bottom and worked up to the top overlapping layers. -to make eyes take two large marshmallows and cover with vanilla frosting and pipe pupils in with black frosting and affix to top of head with toothpicks. Comment: In hindsight I probably should have used a 10 inch cake on the bottom instead of an 8 inch and just cut the cake to angle it in at the bottom.

Cake by F. Reid, Toronto,Canada

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Photo

I made this Cookie Monster for a friend’s daughter’s first birthday. She loves Cookie Monster. I used the Wilton Cuddly Bear pan. I had to relocate the ears to make the eyes. I just used a star tip to cover the cake in blue icing. I made matching cupcakes of Cookie Monster faces to match.

Cake by Connie B., Dana Point, CA

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Photo

Here’s how I made my Cookie Monster cake: I baked two cakes – one vanilla and one chocolate, each in a large Pyrex bowl. (This takes a long time to cook since it is so deep). After they cooled I placed the “bowl” shaped one on the bottom and frosted it blue (vanilla frosting with blue food coloring). Then put the upside down “bowl” shaped one on the top and frosted it blue.

I took the back of a teaspoon to make Cookie’s “fur” and tapped it on the frosting. I used white frosting for the eyes, mini Oreos for the pupils, black decorator gel for the outline of the mouth, crushed Oreos to fill in the mouth and chocolate chip cookies around the cake and in his mouth.

My two year old daughter loved this cake! She was even talking to it in the morning when she woke up and found him on the kitchen table!

Cake by Evonne R., Jefferson, GA

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Photo

My son wanted a Cookie Monster cake for his 2nd birthday. This was really fairly easy. I used one box of chocolate cake mix and made two round cakes and two cupcakes with it.

I stacked the two round cakes with a little icing between the layers. I cut each cupcake in half so that each one became two semicircles. I layered them the same way I did the round cakes except I had to trim a little off the bottom of the cupcakes so that they would end up the same height as the round cakes.

I then placed these semicircles with the straight cut side against the round cakes such that the two semicircles were beside each other for the top part of the eyes. I frosted the round cakes with vanilla frosting I had colored blue then used white vanilla frosting for the eyes. The black part of his eyes is Junior Mints. And I put a couple of chocolate chip cookies on it to form the mouth. My son was so excited when he saw his cookie monster cake!

Cake by Monique C., Staten Island, NY

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Photo

I made this cookie monster cake for my daughter’s 2nd Birthday. It was a chocolate cake with butter cream icing. I had also made an Elmo cake with this one. She loved them both.

Cake by Carol H., Davisville, WV

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Photo

I used the same Cookie monster image for both of these cakes. I copied the image onto wax paper & used it as a stencil to trace onto the cakes. I used a chocolate chip cookie w/ 2 chunks tore out of it to resemble bite marks & piped the icing over the cookie to make him holding it.

Cake by Terri T., Ontario, Canada

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Photo

I found a vintage Cookie Monster cake pan years ago when I moved into a new apartment. I finally used it last year to make double cakes for my brother and my sister-in-law’s birthdays, which fall one day apart. The cake pan is small so in order to have enough cake for everyone I made an 8×8 cake for a base for the Cookie Monster to sit on.

I iced the base white. I made the cakes out of chocolate and made blue icing with food colouring. I left his mouth and around his hands the chocolate cake underneath. I baked chocolate cookies and placed half of one sticking up in his hand and put more all around him. It was extremely hot and humid that day so unfortunately the icing didn’t work so great.

Cake by Caroline K., Victoria, Australia

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Photo

My niece loves Cookie Monster, so for her 1st birthday I made her a Cookie Monster Cake. I just made two butter cakes and a third round one made from a metal bowl and stacked them on top of each other shaving around the edges to make a dome shape.

The icing is fluffy frosting made from egg white and hot sugar syrup. I coloured most of it blue and a little black for the mouth. His eyes are made from two ping-pong balls coloured in with a texta. The cookies are real choc chip cookies from a packet! Recipes are really not needed as any cake can be used. You can make Cookie Monster any size you’d like too.

Cake by Carrie F., St. Paul, MN

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Photo

My friend had twins turning one and they love Sesame Street.

I made a small 6″ cake for each of them and decorated with butter cream icing. I used an angled spatula to make his fur look rough. I piped the whites of his eyes with a large round tip, and then placed mini Oreos to make his crazy eyes. His mouth was put on with Oreo cookie crumbs.

Cake by Kristyn Z., Lancaster, PA

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Photo

This cake was painfully easy! I just used a spring form pan to bake it in. It’s a single layer.

I used white frosting with blue food coloring for the fur. I used a knife to form peaks for the rough fur look.

The eyes are easy. Just white frosting circles with smaller black circles. The mouth is just smooth black frosting.

Cake by Dawn G., Buffalo Grove, IL

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake Photo

I made this Cookie Monster cake for my son’s first birthday. His first word was Cookie, for Cookie Monster. I had a very hard time finding this cake pan, since it was a Wilton Cake from the early 70’s. After many online searches I found the pan. It was not a hard cake to make, but I did need to learn how to use the frosting tip to make hair. This was the first character cake that I ever made.

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