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Owl Love You Always

I had never attempted a 3-D animal cake like this owl cake before. I had tried one previously, but it was pretty much flat to a cake board.   This time I wanted to do something special for my granddaughter.  Her room is decorated with a mural that shows several owls sitting on a limb, and she has a couple of owl pillows sitting in a chair in the corner.  So, what better cake than one that resembles one of “her” owls.

Making the actual design didn’t seem too hard. I started making the body, then the head. The decorations all looked good. Then it came time to stack the cake. With the head the same size as the body, and the weight of the fondant pulling it this way and that, I had to add extra reinforcements. Once I got that all figured out, the cake went together smoothly and I could add a sweet sentiment at the base of the owl’s feed to show my granddaughter just how much she means to me.