The best part about making this cake was who it was for, An Army retiree. Fondant was a big part of this cake. Every layer smoothed on. Then the task of making the criss cross pattern on each layer and putting the little gold stars on all the points with tweezers.

The flag down the side, while time consuming, was fairly easy. Until it was time to put it on the cake and then came the worry of cracks. I made the cake topper by wrapping fondant on a piece of cardboard and topped in with an Army symbol sugar sheet on each side. I did Camo fondant border for each layer. Then was the task of getting all the pieces to the party and putting it together. Actually it wasn’t all that bad. Car ride was smooth. Layered all the pieces of cake on top of the cake stand. Added the flag down the side and the topper. I did not stay for the party but was told it was talked about all night for the look and the taste.