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Coolest Homemade US Flag Patriotic Cakes

This was a July 4th cake. One has to make patriotic cakes on this date so this is what I made. It was eight layers high and had a sugar cookie base. The whole cake was iced in white and starred with red and blue. Those are red hots around the brim. I wanted to use fruit roll ups for the red strips and blue stars (think star cookie cutter) but there was a shortage of the right color fruit roll ups at Food Lion!

Anyway use a star cookie cutter to get the stars right and they won’t be as lopsided as mine, and then add the stripes. That’s a firework sparkle on top. Next time I’ll just stick red and blue firework candles in it.

Stars and Stripes Patriotic Cakes

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Cake by Allison M., Flushing, MI

Stars and Stripes Patriotic Cakes

I made this for my July 4th party we had. It was a huge hit! I used buttercream frosting and chocolate cake. I used clear vanilla so my white would be a true white. My red was a Christmas red from Wilton. I got this idea for Patriotic cakes from Peggy Weaver.

She explains it on her website in great detail. I forgot to add the stars to my cake which I was pretty upset about when I figured it out. Don’t forget the stars.

Cake by Shawna H.

Stars and Stripes Patriotic Cakes

I used a six inch round cake on the top and an eight inch round cake on the bottom. I colored the fondant red and blue. I painted the blue with royal blue luster dust. I used wooden skewers dyed with blue water. The stars were just little foam stars.

I have never made patriotic cakes before but got many compliments for this one.

Cake by Courtney R., Union, MO

Stars and Stripes Patriotic Cakes

I made this cake using my Wilton Star shaped cake pan. It took just one cake mix. I made homemade butter cream icing and tinted some of it red and blue. For cake decorations I had clowns, who were made from icing-tip 21 ( Wilton ); and the heads are plastic stick-ons. The inside of the cake is white with a few blue and red swirls I did with food coloring.

Cake by Kelley P., Ft. Stewart, GA

Stars and Stripes Patriotic Cakes

This cake was made from three complete white cake mixes to form three layers, two of which I added red or blue food coloring and one was left white to give the inside a red, white, and blue effect. I got the idea from a magazine cover with patriotic cakes, published during my husband’s deployment to Iraq.

When making the star on the sides from colored chocolate, its best to use a metal star cookie cuter that’s been sitting in hot water then wiped clean before cutting. The top curl is made from layered white chocolate colored with food coloring made for chocolate. Do not use regular food coloring for this. Layer the chocolate one at a time into the plastic container you find when buying shortening sticks is what works best. Layer one at a time until cooled completely then “curl” the colored chocolate with a vegetable peeler.

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