Pokemon Cake

My son requested this Pokemon cake for his 10th birthday. It was all store bought ingredients. I found the picture that I was going to use and placed it on a glass cutting board, covered it with plastic wrap and traced the outline with black decorating frosting.

I outlined using all the colors as needed and then allowed the frosting to set. I then mixed the icing colors I needed with food coloring and before I added each color I put it in the microwave for just a few seconds so that it would be easier to work with. I used a very small paint brush to fill in his colors.

I allowed the frosting to set in the freezer and when the cake was baked and frosted the picture was ready to be turned onto the cake. We finished off with some candy letters and some extra piping around the bottom and it was done.

It was super easy, I am not an artist, I would tell anyone to challenge themselves and try it.

My son thinks I can do anything when it comes to cakes now.

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