For this cake I made the torso and the head ahead of time and let it dry. To support the torso and to be able to stand straight, I used a skewer to hold it up to the head,  and just left about 3″ of the skewer at the bottom torso to stick it on the cake.

For the cake I baked 8″ × 2 round cake,  and 6″×2 round cake,  and stacked it with btc between the cake,  after that i cut the cake edges until the cake become triangle shape,  and than cover the cake with btc, and than fondant let it dry.

After fondant dry, roll fondant and cut ribbon shape flatten the edges than stick it on the fondant-covered cake with the dress style like i desire to be. let it dry

After all dry i color the ruffle dress with petal dust after all done steam the dress to make the color stick let it dry. Than finish.