My little Princess  Raaina is my last born. She is filled with inspirational motivation spreading love to all those who meet her, see her and know her. When she is not around the atmosphere is dull and dreary. She is only 3 yrs old, but her character and beauty is so inspirational. We miss her when she sleeps. When it was her birthday on 15 February I asked her what kind of cake she would like for her birthday. She told me she would like a Spiderman Cake.

I convinced her that Spiderman is for boys and a fairy cakes is for girls. She was not impressed, she wanted a Spiderman cake with the costume and colors.  I told her that I was going to make her a smart birthday cake. She still came to me and said: it’s a Spiderman cake.  When I bought the Fairy Doll she fell in love with it. I  told her that I was going to bake her a fairy cake using that doll. She was impressed. Immediately she changed her mind. She Said: “OK, I want a Fairy Cake but it must fly”. I had to explain to her that it can’t fly but we would be able to eat it. She Said: ” No, It’s my birthday, only I can eat the cake”. Well that is what happened, it was off limits to everyone. Until my husband said: ” Ok you have that cake and we eating KFC and have yogurt Ice Cream. Because we cannot have Raaina’s Cake” immediately she changed her mind and everyone could eat from her left over cake.

I love carrot cake, so I specially made this cake a carrot cake. But my daughter was not impressed as she wanted a chocolate cake. I baked the cake using a cake baking dome to get the shape of the dress. Then I was surprised that the Fairy Doll fitted perfectly into the cake. I then covered the cake with butter cream icing and then made the petals and placed it over the cake shading the petals pink. Added some glitter to give it some sparkle.

My daughter was overwhelmed when she saw the finished cake for the first time. She fell asleep while I was baking the cake. She gave me enough time to finish the cake, the way I like it done.  When she saw the cake, she said: “OK!! Now I like this cake, its  my fairy cake” I bought her ballet tutoo  and some wings. She was a fairy the whole day floating around the house blessing everyone with her WAND filled with the magic of her love.