Cool Mixi the Rabbit Cake

Mixy is a very popular children’s TV character in Australia featuring B1 and B2. My daughter loved this cartoon at 3 years of age so I made her a Mixy the rabbit cake.

Using a 23cm square cake, cut out the rounded head piece, an oval snout piece and another blunt love heart shaped piece for the snout. Cut two long ears out of two bar cakes and cut down into the ears to give them some more shape.

Put the ears in place and place the oval snout piece onto the head piece and the love heart shaped piece on top of the oval piece. Ice the rabbit cake with butter icing.

Line the inside of the ears with licorice strips. Use marshmallow for the eyes and a lifesaver for the iris and a brown smarty for the pupils. I then outlined the eyes and made eyebrows from thinly cut licorice.

The nose is a marshmallow with a chocolate biscuit on top and the mouth piece is half a honey jumble biscuit with two pieces of fruit stick. The whiskers were also made out of licorice. The bow is a real ribbon.

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