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Race Track Birthday Cake

This racetrack cake is one of three cakes I made in the same day for a combined brother and sister birthday party. The cake is triple chocolate, frosted in buttercream frosting and then covered in fondant. I used a 8 inch round cake and a 8 inch square cake to make the number five shape.

The cake itself would have been bigger, but I started carving on it to get it even and it kept getting smaller. I learned that I’m definitely NOT a cake carver. LOL. I was about ready to throw the whole thing in the garbage, but I pushed through it and it ended up turning out OK.

Everything is editable on the cake except for the two cars on the track. The cars  on the cake board are editable which I made out of fondant. The little boy’s name is Race (his Dad races cars.)  So a perfect cake for his 5th Birthday.

He Loved his cake!

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