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Coolest Slot Machine Cakes and Lots of Special Occasion Cakes

This is one of those special occasion cakes. It took me five hours to do all the detailing with the fondant. All I knew was I needed a slot machine for my co-worker’s mom’s 60th birthday so I cut two rectangle cakes and staked them together until it looked like a slot machine.

I then frosted in the colors you see and added the details onto the slot machine. I am in the process of writing a step by step and will post it ! I have a lot more cakes to share!

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Cake by Donna D., Massapequa, NY

Slot Machine Cake

I decided to make this cake for my friend’s mom. She loves her slot machines. I really had no idea how to make it. I used a lot of different ideas for special occasion cakes from different pictures. And my slot machine cake came out just as I wanted. My friend’s mom also loved it. She didn’t want to cut the cake.

A few days before I baked the cake I made the “sevens” out of chocolate molds. I made the letters for winner also out of chocolate molds. Make a chocolate drawer for the coins. (I had a small rectangle bowl which I put melted chocolate in and kept moving it from side to side, once it gets hard I put the rectangle bowl in freezer for easier removal). If you want to you could make the chocolate fruits also.

I baked and decorated this cake a day before I needed it. You need two cake mixes and one 13x9in cake pan and one 9x9in square cake pan. Grease both pans and dust with flour. Bake as directed. Let cakes cool. Level tops of both cakes. You might want to freeze the cakes for easier frosting. Lay the 13×9 cake on display board. Take your square cake and place on top of the 13×9 cake (you need to let the square cake hang over the bottom cake so you can see exactly where you want to place square cake.) Now with the amount you are cutting off the square cake you will place on top of the square cake (you will have three layers of cake so it will be a 3-dimensional cake when finished). Make sure you have all three cakes evenly cut to make the base. You will be standing this cake up.

Once you have figured out where to place the cakes you will need to frost the bottom cake (also frost the sides).Then place the second layer (which will be the larger of the square cake) on top (leave a large enough space for you to put the white icing and 7’s on the second layer. I used a cardboard cutout when I iced with the chocolate frosting) and frost remaining top and sides. I placed sevens on icing. Take the third layer and do the same. On the third layer frost top and sides and spell out CASH OUT, MAX BET, SPIN. Try to fill in all gaps with chocolate frosting (in between layers). Put your chocolate winner onto bottom layer. If you want to, I used flat dots to outline cake.

Once you have finished decorating the cake keep it flat over night. This way the icing and chocolate molds set. You need two red dots for the lights on top of the slot machine. You could do that after you stand up the cake the next day. Put a toothpick into each dot and stick on top of cake. To stand up the cake you might need help. We used big spatulas. Once the cake is standing you need to brace it by inserting on an angle skewers. Start at the tallest cake and insert from the back on an angle into the square cakes. Once the cake is stabilized you can put the chocolate draw on the bottom (just lift the cake a little). Make a coin slot on top of the second layer; put a chocolate coin in slot.

For the handle I used a fully dipped chocolate pretzel rod. I cut out a hole in a marshmallow and put on top of the pretzel rod. Place on side of cake on an angle. Use toothpicks to hold the pretzel in place (put one toothpick in front and one behind pretzel). Decorate display board with chocolate fruits (if you want).

Don’t transport this cake too much, it is delicate. This cake was a huge success. Thanks to this site for such a variety of ideas for special occasion cakes. I hope that my cake will also help others with their special occassion cakes.

Cake by Jen A., Dover, DE

Slot Machine Cake

My boyfriend wanted me to make a cake for his mom’s birthday. She likes going to the slots so he came up with the idea – I just did the decorations. I used yellow cake mix and made the icing using a Wilton recipe. I used Spree candies and gum drops for the added lights and buttons. The extra additions to the cake (which are not edible) were the plastic balloon pieces (three in a row) a plastic “arm” and a half of a Styrofoam ball to make the handle. The coins are chocolate inside their foiled wrappers.

Thanks to this website for such great special occasion cakes, it helped me a lot and our cake was a real hit!

Cake by Tara P., Amery, WI

Slot Machine Cake

I started with a 12×18 sheet cake. I carved a “V” out near the bottom for the chocolate covered coins. The cards shown are mini cards that I laminated so they were washable. Everything else is decorated using buttercream frosting.

This cake was for my dad’s 60th surprise party. I found this site very helpful while searching for special occasion cakes.

Cake by Pamela H., Barrie

Slot Machine Cake

This is one of those special occasion cakes. I don’t remember exactly how I pieced it together.

All I knew was I needed a slot machine for my aunt Sharon so I cut two rectangle cakes and pieced them together until it looked like a slot machine.

I then frosted in the colors you see and added the details onto the slot machine.

Slot Machine Cake

Cake by Swart B., Seabrook, NH

Slot Machine Cake

This is a gold cake. Stack three 9-inch square cakes, and take two more of which you cut in half and put on the way top. Use dowels in the bottom half to support the cake. The coins are foiled wrapped chocolate. The coin tray and arm are made of fondant. The rest is all buttercream frosting (I used the #18 star tip and a #3 tip).

Cake by Keren O., Herzliya, Israel

Slot Machine Cake

This cake was made for my mom’s 55 th birthday.

Las Vegas is her favorite place in the world and she loves to play the slots. I made three small plain chocolate cakes and one large one. I cut the big one in half and put the two parts one on the other. I did the same with the small ones, so I got the shape of the machine. I covered everything with a chocolate frosting.

All the “cards” and signs were made of marzipan, and the red “carpet” that the slot machine is on was made of coconut mixed with red food coloring.

Slot Machine Cake