Coolest Slot Machine Birthday Cake

This slot machine birthday cake was for an 80 year old lady who loves going to the casino and playing the slots! I used white and choc cake to make this one. The top rounded part of the cake is a 8″ round cake cut in half then frosted together and stood up on the top of the cake. The rest of the cake is cut and made from a half sheet of cake, just cut and stacked. I also used some support post and separator plates in between the layers so it would not smash the bottom layers.

It is frosted with butter cream frosting, then I used the airbrush to color everything. The buttons and the little screen were the cherries are are all drawn on by hand with butter cream frosting. The yellow dots around the top are also frosting, to get it the look of all the flashing lights that go off when you win!! After I was done putting everything on using the frosting I sprayed the whole cake with pearl airbrush to give it a shimmer look. And for the final touch… the gold!! All the gold pieces are choc gold coins. Those just made the whole cake look awesome! Everyone loved this cake! They couldn’t believe that it was all cake.

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