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Coolest Spongebob Patrick Cake Ideas

For this Spongebob Patrick cake, just make a plain sponge cake. Then print off the internet a picture of a Patrick the Star (but stretch the picture in word to fit A4 or whatever size you choose). Cut him out and place it on top of the cake and cut around the cake. With the pieces you have left over use to make the arms and feet.

Once you have your layout Patrick, cover the cake in pink roll-out icing. Then get your printed picture and place it on the top again. Punch holes through the design with a cocktail stick marking out the eyes and shorts etc. Then cut the roll out icing (the white purple and green) to these shapes and stick on top with marmalade. Then use black icing to outline.

More Spongebob Patrick Cake Ideas

SpongeBob Patrick cake by Kimberly S., Orange, CA

Spongebob Patrick and Friends Cake

I came up with this (as most of my creations) because I couldn’t find the cake pan/character/idea I needed. There was no sponge bob Patrick Star cake pan and of course as usual my son wasn’t going the easy route with the “main character.” Anyway after downloading a basic picture of Patrick I traced it onto a larger paper (needed it to be large enough for a cake). Because I couldn’t get it to the size I wanted I decided to make two cakes and place the cut-out Patrick on top making it more 3-D.

So after baking a basic cake in a rectangular pan I placed my cut-out drawing on top and using a VERY sharp knife I cut the outline of his body. (Fed the extra cake to my on-lookers ;) Baked a second cake and with a large spatula placed the cut-out on top of the rectangular. I frosted the whole thing in a thin coating of white icing to keep the crumbs from coming through the second coat of icing.

Then I dyed the colors of sponge bob Patrick by just comparing to several figures/pictures we had here at home. I traced the facial features and extra details on the icing with a toothpick then frosted over them. (Helps to trace with toothpick when you can see the original pattern.)

I finished the cake with dots for more color and a frame around the border. The cupcakes were basic chocolate baked in character liners and after frosting in white I dipped them in a colored turquoise sugar bought from cake decorating store. Placed packaged character toppers on each. Sponge bob Rice-Crispy bars were the basic recipe but after melting margarine and marshmallows added a lot of yellow food coloring.

Spongebob Patrick and Friends Cake
Spongebob Patrick and Friends Cake

SpongeBob Patrick cake by Wendy H., Lulworth, England

Spongebob Patrick and Friends Cake

We had a Spongebob theme and thought these would be cute add to the theme. Pretty easy and fun to do. The Spongebob Patrick cake was cut to make a star shape and frosted in his colors. The Plankton was made using a Twinkie for each and frosted in green. The hands, legs and antennae of the plankton is black licorice.

Spongebob Patrick and Friends Cake

SpongeBob Patrick cake by Donna K., Beachwood, NJ

Spongebob Patrick and Friends Cake

My son and I made this sponge bob cake for a cake bake for Cub Scouts and we used two 9″ round cake pans (it’s Patrick).

The one circle is for the center of the body. We then cut the head out of the center and used the left over pieces to piece together the arms and legs. We used white icing and used food coloring to make all the colors of his shorts, flowers and face.

We put the icing in a plastic bag since I didn’t have a decorating bag and snipped the corner. We had a lot of fun making it but a lot more fun eating it!