Spooky Halloween Cake

The base of this cake is a 16×2 cake pan. As I did make mostly everything on this cake, however my two sons did put together and decorate the gingerbread haunted house, so they will get the credit for that. Now the ghosts are made of white and brown modeling chocolate. I started with a chunk of brown modeling chocolate and then draped some white modeling chocolate over that then with a little shaping a pinching created the ghosts.

Then also with the trees, used brown modeling chocolate, and cut out the limbs and shaped it into trees. Then used modeling chocolate colored gray for the headstones, used black to write on them. The pumpkin is rice krispie treat covered in orange fondant. And the skeleton I used a chocolate mold, and made a candy skeleton, then covered him in a crushed cookie. I covered the 16×2 cake with a orange and black marbled fondant, then added the decorations. Being sure to support the haunted house with straws. Finishing it off with a white and orange fondant rope boarder, and a little bit of butter cream grass around the house.

My son was so excited for this cake, not only cause it was Halloween, but he helped with the haunted house.