Coolest Rugby Sports Theme Cake Ideas

Take a look at the coolest homemade Rugby sports theme cake ideas.You’ll also find loads of homemade cake ideas and DIY birthday cake inspiration.

Cake by Louise J., Leeudoringstad, South Africa

Coolest Rugby Sports Theme Cake Ideas

I made this cake for a friend’s son. I made a rectangular “pan” cake and cut off a piece to make it a square and used the off-cut for the sleeves. I used plain butter icing which was colored blue and rolled-out icing for the embellishments. It’s my first sports theme cake that’s something other than a plain round cake!

Cake by Marene L., Cape Town, South Africa

Rugby Sports Theme Cakes

My son wanted a Springbok Rugby ball birthday cake. I took an oval-shaped baking tin or you can bake two original square sponge cakes and size them in a Rugby ball-shape.

I used icing (only margarine and icing sugar) to cover the cake and shape it up and finally covered the cake with plastic icing. Finally I painted it with food colors. For the rugby poles I used 4 candy straws.

Sports theme cake by Liz A., Invercargill, New Zealand

Rugby Sports Theme Cakes

Rugby is a big hit in New Zealand, a bit like football in America so I made this sports theme cake for my friend’s son’s 7th birthday. He loved it and the cake was so simple.

The cake itself was a rectangle and I made the rugby players out of white icing. You can make them any color you like and I painted the boys name on the back and his age.

I loved doing the expressions on the faces and I made the opposite team a well known New Zealand rival (Australia) of course (our team was winning)!

The goal posts I made out of icing but it would be better to make them out of a pencil or something strong as these goal posts only lasted about 10 minutes so I replaced them with liquorices on a skewer.

Cake by Clare W., Auckland, New Zealand

Rugby Sports Theme Cakes

This was a sports theme cake for a keen rugby fan’s 50th birthday. But it can be adapted to any rugby/football teams’ colours. There is a huge rectangular shaped cake underneath covered in green fondant icing. The shirt itself is also made of thinly rolled black fondant icing with a V cut out for the neck and a simple collar attached.

The hardest part was trying to get the fondant to drape as if it were a real shirt. It took some fiddling but I think the end result of the sports theme cake shirt was good. I added the stripes (again, thinly rolled fondant cut into shape) and the logo’s which are run-in’s – the outline of the shapes piped onto waxed paper in royal icing, left to set then filled in with thick but ‘paintable’ coloured royal icing. I made a few of these as more often than not, one will get broken when trying to get them off the waxed paper!

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