Coolest Star Wars Birthday Cake Ideas

Take a look at the coolest Queen Amidala Star Wars birthday cake photos and tips. You’ll also find loads of homemade cake ideas and DIY birthday cake inspiration.

Cake by Alyssa P., Billerica, MA

Coolest Star Wars Birthday Cake Ideas

My son and daughter are 2 years and 2 weeks apart, so we have a “combined” birthday party. My son is a Star Wars fanatic and my daughter was turning one, so by default she ended up with a Star Wars birthday too, but if I do say so myself, we made a pretty cool Star Wars birthday cake.

I wanted to create a doll cake, and Queen Amidala was the only Star Wars character that would lend itself to that. I bought the doll top (just a torso with a toothpick bottom) and a week ahead of time, made a headdress for her out of some Christmas material scraps, cardboard, spray mount, and an old costume jewelry earring from the 80’s.

I then put some powder on her face, and using a thin lip brush and red lipstick, made the dots on her cheeks.

Star Wars Birthday Cake Picture

The cake was devil’s food, Duncan Hines mix. I used a Wilton doll cake pan, and made my cream cheese icing and added chocolate ice cream topping to it to make it “chocolate”. I bought a box of fondant, which I colored red and black to make the bodice and skirt. I referred to a picture for the design, which I got from the Phantom Menace video box.

I cut up small pieces of a gold foil doily for the detail work on the gown, and everything was stuck on with icing which I carefully applied with a toothpick.

This Star Wars birthday cake came out way better than the R2D2 I attempted, and no one could believe it was a cake!