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Sweetest 1st Birthday Butterfly Cake

I made this 1st birthday butterfly cake for a precious little girl.

Savannah is a sweet little redhead I met through a sister in church, a beautiful little person I grew to love very much.

When her birthday came around and I was asked to make this cake for her, it was more than an honor. Savannah was turning 1 and her mom needed a cake for guests (the blue one) and another one for Savannah’s very own… a smash cake (the pink one).

The cake was white, the icing buttercream, and the butterflies and flowers were crafted from gum paste.

I finished up the cake on the day of the party and took it to the house next door. Parties are lots more fun at grandma’s house… LOL.

They’re even more fun for grammy’s puppy. Yes, you guessed it. Her little pooch decided she needed to celebrate before the party, so she jumped on the table and took a couple of bites for herself! Needless to say grammy called me with an emergency 911 plea right away. Off I ran… extra icing in hand… laughing all the way!

It wasn’t long until the bitten part was cut away and covered in new icing. No worries… uh… except… Except for the puppy’s tell all blue lips, no one was the wiser!!



Sweetest 1st Birthday Butterfly Cake

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