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Coolest Swimming Pool Cake For Mamaw Made By Grandkids

My mother-in-law has always been the cake maker for our family. She’s made the kids birthday cakes for years. This year she recently had to retire due to injury.  She has a small pool in her back yard that she has rarely gotten to use with the grandkids because of her working.   This year, however, she has had plenty of time to enjoy it. When it came time to plan her birthday dinner we were trying to think of something for the cake, something a little more personal than normal 9×13 sheet cake.

Her oldest granddaughter, youngest granddaughter (who belongs to me), decided to make her a pool cake because she’s had such a good time in it this year. We used white KitKats for the pools outside, funfetti cake with blue butter cream icing and decorated the top with gummy lifesaver and peach ring floats, Fruit Rollup floats and ladder and Teddy Graham swimmers. We used crushed graham crackers with mini Heath Bars as the stepping stone walkway around the pool. We also made some cup cakes along the same lines.

Needless to say, she LOVED it!  She was very surprised and we were very proud of ourselves for pulling it off and it turning out as good as it did. We enjoyed making it and its sparked a creative side in the 3 of us which has continued. We can’t wait for birthdays to try out new things!!

Rolled up fruit roll ups as pool noodles

6 grandchildren so we added 6 teddy graham swimmers

Cup cakes were also fun fetti cake with blue butter cream icing.

All the cupcakes had swimmers in ring floats