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Cool Homemade Swimming Pool Party Cake

I made this Swimming Pool Party cake for my piano students (twins) for their 8th birthday (that’s why the pool is 8-shaped). The base is 13×18 inches and the pool on top is 13×9 inches. It’s chocolate moist cake.

I carved the 8 shape first before I put the pool on top. I then covered the entire cake with buttercream before I put the fondant. The pool water is made of jello. I covered the inside of the pool with a thicker fondant first before I poured in the jello. For a tutorial on how to pour the jello on the cake, you may watch a video in YouTube. Just type “swimming pool cake” and you’ll see a video clip showing the process. It’s a very delicate procedure, but it’s fun!

Let the jello harden well before you put the swimmers in (they are made with gumpaste, I made them a week before). The children loved the cake, and everyone wanted a piece of the jello!

 Swimming Pool Party Cake

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