Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

I got the idea to make this Swimming Pool Cake from this website. I used different tips and ideas from various cakes on the site. I also watched the video on We don’t have a pool, so all summer we spend our time at Uncle Tom’s pool. I decided to make this cake for him to thank him for all the fun swimming parties we’ve had.

I baked, cooled and frosted two 9 x 13 chocolate fudge cakes the night before decorating or putting the blue jello in. Before icing, I cut a rectangle about 1 inch deep leaving 2 inches around the “pool”. I put a layer of icing inside the pool as well to help seal in the jello. The next day, I made the blue jello using two packs of jello. I used the quick set recipe on the box.

After chilling the jello for about an hour, I poured it into the pool. I used vanilla wafer cookies for the decking around the pool icing each one to stick it on the cake. My 9 year old son helped me decorate the cake with honey graham bears, life saver gummies, rainbow licorice for the noodle floaties, and fruit by the foot cut into little beach towels. We put a tree in the corner, just like Uncle Tom’s and little drink umbrellas in the other corners. We even made a lounge chair out of the wafer cookies and a life saver gummy for the last corner.

The diving board is just wafer cookies attached with icing and a lifesaver gummy cut in half for the handles on the diving board.

We had a great time making this cake. I knew it would be a little involved, but planning with this site was super helpful!

Swimming Pool Cake

Swimming Pool Cake

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