Coolest Oogie Boogie Cake

Coolest Oogie Boogie Cake Ideas and Photos

My three year old daughter was in the musical “Nightmare before Xmas” and fell in love with all the characters especially Oogie-Boogie and wanted an Oogie Boogie cake for her birthday. I looked at a picture of Oogie Boogie on the internet and cut it out to fit the cookie sheet I used. Then I … Read more

Sweet Homemade Handy Manny Cake

Handy Manny Cake

I made this Handy Manny cake for my son Jake’s 4th birthday. He is totally into building things and just loves Handy Manny . For this cake I used my biggest roasting dish to get the size of the cake that I needed and then printed the picture of Handy Manny from the net that … Read more

Coolest Homemade The Incredibles Cake Ideas

Coolest The Incredibles Cakes on the Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Gallery

A son of a long lost friend was having his birthday so I volunteered to make the cake. To get the image on the cake I went to a party store and got The Incredibles paper plates and traced Dash’s image from the plate onto parchment paper. Using gel I traced the image on the … Read more

Cute Homemade Handy Manny Cake

Homemade Handy Manny Cake

My son loves Handy Manny so for his 2 birthday we decided that would be the theme. My mom made the Handy Manny cake and cut it like the wood that Manny’s sign in the show is on. For the decorations on top I printed off Manny and all of his tools from the Disney … Read more

Cutest Homemade Handy Manny Cake

Homemade Handy Manny Cake

My son really loves Felipe on Handy Manny so I decided to give it a try. Since there aren’t any molds for this, I made a 13×9 cake and cut out a rounded rectangle for the top and a narrower rectangle for the bottom of the screwdriver. I just used gel and liquid food coloring … Read more

Cool Piglet Cakes from Winnie the Pooh

Free Cake Recipe Ideas and Photo Gallery

I found a picture of Piglet for my birthday cake ideas that I liked on the internet and enlarged to fit my cake board (wanted as big as I could). I then baked two sponge cakes, 12″ x 8″, and placed them into a back to front L shape. I then cut out the piglet … Read more

Coolest Hunny Pot Cakes from Winnie the Pooh

Coolest Winnie the Pooh Birthday Cake Ideas

This Hunny Pot Winnie the Pooh birthday cake was made for my godson’s first birthday. My husband carved the honey pot then covered it in fondant and added piping gel for the “honey”. Another Hunny Pot Cake Cake by Meredith C., Green Bank, WV This Winnie the Pooh birthday cake was for a first birthday … Read more

Coolest Lightening McQueen Birthday Cake

Homemade Lightening McQueen Birthday Cake

I made this Lightening McQueen Birthday Cake for a friend’s son as he’s really into the movie ‘Cars’. It was a big hit! I used an oblong cake pan, cooked a moist chocolate cake (folding in whisked egg whites at the last minute for extra bounce) and cut a car shape out with a knife, … Read more

Coolest Wilton Mickey Mouse Pan Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

I used Wilton’s Mickey Mouse cake pan to create this cake for my son Mason’s third birthday. To help get the white icing in the in between spots to go on better, I thinned it with a little water and warmed it slightly. I also used a baby spoon with cooking spray on it to … Read more

Coolest Handy Manny Cake

Coolest Handy Manny Cake Ideas and Photos

My neighbor’s son wanted a Handy Manny cake so I went ahead and attempted it. I think I did pretty well. He doesn’t look exactly like Handy Manny but close. I also attempted to do each tool in his toolbox and managed to accomplish it.