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Coolest Billiard Table Cake Idea

This Billiard Table Cake Idea is made with a full sheet cake made of dark chocolate with vanilla Swiss buttercream frosting. The groom requested a pool table cake and wanted the pool balls and everything in chocolate. Each pool ball is a muffin and covered in fondant decorations.

The cake is chocolate with rice krispie treats surround the outside to build the boarder of the pool table. The chalk is fondant and gumpaste. The rack is made out of gumpaste and painted with Ameri color paste for the color.

This is the first Billiard Table Cake I’ve ever done and I believe the end result turned out very well. This cake was very time consuming due to the precision of the pockets and the ability needed to make it very even and level from one end to the other. The groom was very pleased as well as the bride at the wedding. I will gladly give anyone help if you’d like to try to do this cake.

Homemade Billiard Table Cake Idea

Homemade Billiard Table Cake Idea

8 thoughts on “Coolest Billiard Table Cake Idea”

  1. I was asked to make a cake like yours but I am pretty new at cake making. Do you have any suggestions as to how to cover it in fondant. As of now, I have only covered round cakes and that is pretty simple.
    Thank you!

  2. When you say that the border is rice krispy treats, do you mean the ENTIRE edge and then cake in the middle? Did you ice the treats in between and attack with icing before covering with fondant? this is the best pool table cake I have seen and would LOVE a step by step if you have one?

    FANTASTIC job!!
    Also, how do you “paint” fondant?

  3. I would also like step by step on this cake. It looks really great and I need to make one for a groom that also wants a pool table with chocolate cake. Any details you can give would be much appreciated.

  4. I see no responses to previous comments. I too would like detail/help with how this was made. I have been searching hi and low for anything pertaining to billiards. I am getting married in a pool hall and i love the look of this cake. i can be emailed at melanie0407@msn.com

  5. Hello

    The table looks fabulous. I would also like step by step on this cake. I need to make one for a friend for his 40th birthday. Any details you can give would be much appreciated at rdel@eastlink.ca

    Thank you


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