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Talking Ginger Cake for 2 Year Old Girl

When I asked my daughter what kind of cake she wanted for her 2nd birthday, I thought I would get the same answer that I was given when my son turned 2, which really was no answer at all. I was completely shocked when she said ‘Ginger’. She’s a huge fan of the ‘Talking Ginger’s Birthday’ App on the IPad. So, Talking Ginger it was to be! The best part was the look on her face when she saw it the morning of her party. I showed her and the first thing out of her mouth was ‘OOHHHHHHHHHHHHH – GINGER!’ (with a huge smile on her face).

Many people commended me on a job well done! For the cakes, I used Betty Crocker Golden Vanilla mix.  For the frosting, I purchased the Wilton Buttercream mix and to get the best colors made it with Crisco rather than butter or margarine.  I used the Wilton colors to create all of the colors you see. I had to challenges during the process. The day before the party I made the cakes. After waiting for the first layer to cool, as I tried to transfer it from the cake pan to the turntable cake stand, it just crumbled. Needless to say, I had to start over. I was fortunate that the second cake came out perfectly.

Once the cakes were cool enough, I prepared to decorate.  The only other problem…the purple frosting may have been a bit too thinned. I managed to frost much more easily than with store bought buttercream but it was a bit tricky to get the sides of the cake perfectly smooth so it wasn’t a ‘perfect’ cake by any means but I was ultimately very proud of how far my skills have come given how few cakes I’ve made since my children were born. To make Ginger, I used the Wilton Teddy Bear 3D cake pan and again the Golden Vanilla mix. I’ve used this pan previously to make an elephant and lion so I had a little experience to go on to reach my desired outcome. I cut out the bear’s stomach so it was a more skinny cat and went to work.  The tail is made out of a gummy worm with frosting over it. I used a traditional star tip to decorate the cat.

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