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Tufted Billow Bridal Shower Cake

This cake was for a bridal shower, the technique used is called tufted billowing. I made an 8inch and 6 inch cake, 2 layer cakes, each torted and filled. Covered the cakes in fondant, let the fondant crust for a few hours before starting the billowing technique. For the billowing, I took small squares of thinly rolled fondant, pinching both end so that they come together as if I am pleating them and then put them lengthwise on the cake, do this all the way around the cake.

For the bottom 8 inch tier, the billowing filled the entire cake, for the top 6 inch tier the billowing only came half way up the cake. Where the billowing meets I added a brooch made of fondant, but I kept the brooch coloring a pink, you can also just make a small round ball of fondant and put over the two meeting pieces, the object is to cover where the pieces of fondant meets so that you get a cleaner neater look. For each one of the square pieces I used an impression mat to get the look of fabric.

For the top tier I reversed the colors, but it can be made all one color, just play with the idea and see what you come up with.

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