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All-White Cute Wedding Cake

I was asked by a friend to make a 3 tier wedding cake. We searched Pinterest and she picked a design she liked.

First using the 6″ cake tin for size I made the two birds with modelling paste and set aside to dry out before painting the beaks, wings and tails with a gold food colouring

Next, I made the bottom tier a 10″ vanilla sponge, the middle tier a 8″ vanilla sponge and the top tier a 6″vanilla sponge. When these cakes had been baked and cooled I attached the bottom cake to  the 14″ cake drum using a little buttercream and filled it with buttercream and jam and then crumb coated the cake before placing in the freezer to chill.

Meanwhile, I attached the 8″ cake to a 7″ cake board and filled this with buttercream and jam and crumb coaterd this cake and set aside. Now I fetched the bottom tier of the cake out of the freezer and coated again with buttercream and placed this back in the freezer.

I now attached the 6″cake to a 5″ board and filled this the same as the last two cakes. I now rolled out enough white rollout icing to cover the 10″cake and the drum. I fetched the larger cake out the freezer and placed the 8″cake into the freezer to chill.

I now covered the larger cake and drum with the icing and pushed 4x plastic dowels in place ready to support the next cake.

I now covered the 8″cake with another layer of butter cream and placed back in the freezer to chill. Now I rolled out enough icing to cover the 8″ cake. I fetched this cake out of the freezer ready to cover with icing and placed the 6″ cake in the freezer. When the 8″ cake was covered I pushed 3 plastic dowels into the center for support and set aside to dry the icing out.

I now covered the 6″ cake with another layer of buttercream and placed back in the freezer to chill. I rolled out enough icing to cover the cake. When the cake had beed covered with the icing I set this aside to dry out with the other cakes.

The next day I used a little royal icing to hold the cakes in place and I attached all the cakes together and then attached the ribbon around each cake. I now made the bows and sewed the hearts to the center of each bow and attached these in place using double sided tape.

I now cut out a heart out of modelling paste and all the lettering and let them dry out for a few hours. Then using some vodka (as this evaporates) I painted the letters and heart and then sprinkled them with edible glitter and attached them to the cakeboard.

Finally, using a little royal icing, I attached the birds to the top of the cake. It was now finished and they loved it!

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