My sister and I volunteered to make the smash cakes for our baby nieces’ 1st birthday, and we put these cute little twin ladybugs together to go with the garden themed party.

We used small and large ramekin dishes for the head and body – layed foil on top and then pushed foil into dishes using a a couple of balls to get the round shapes, then gave it a generous non-stick spray.

The cake was just regular yellow cake, used the Wilton star tip to create some texture, fondant for the head and black dots (antenna was fondant wrapped around spaghetti sticks), and drew the face on with Wilton’s edible black ink pen.

They turned out AMAZINGLY CUTE!  So much better than what we ever imagined! And, the real test?  They were a total hit!  Everyone loved them and it was so much fun to watch our little nieces poke away at their ladybugs!