Wacky Last Minute Birthday Cake

This was a fun but trying cake. My friend’s daughter wanted something different but sassy. This is a simple three layer cake, all done in homemade fondant. The zebra was black piping gel, done by hand. The bows on top went with her party. The inside cake was done to match as well. I made white cake an colored 7 different bowls with color to match. I just dripped all the different colors in on top of each other until I was able to fill the pan.

The zebra cake was done a little different. I used white and choc in lines. I redid the process on each layer. Putting the cake together was very simple. I have learned the hard way, when not using the cake stackers. I used more then I should, just because I have had cakes fall in delivery. On this cake I used ten on the bottom, eight on the center and five on the top. Very thankful I did, being this cake weighted 30 pounds!! Is was a big hit at the party. After the other parents saw this cake, my business has been very busy! Very thankful

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