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A “Whale” of a 1st Birthday Cake

As I was shopping I ran into a A friend of mine. She said she was throwing her son a “Whale” themed Pool party for his 1st birthday. I saw the decorations she was purchasing in her shopping cart and they were adorable. However, someone in her family was making his cake. (That was fine. I am never offended if I am not asked to make a person’s cake) Well, less than a week before her son’s party, the person that was doing the cake became ill and my friend called me in a last minute panic! Of course I said I would do it.

I Made two 8″ layers of chocolate cake and two 6″ layers of vanilla cake for the guests cake. I also made two 6″ layers of vanilla cake for the birthday boy’s smash cake. I made approx 8 cups of butter cream frosting and a pound and a half of marshmallow fondant.

I used a combination of green and blue food coloring get to come up witht he perfect seafoam green frosting to match the party decorations. After the cakes had cooled, I frosted the cake layers and assembled them for the 2 tier cake. I frosted the smash cake as well.

I found a whale clip art picture on the internet and printed it to the sizes I needed. (the small whales were 3″ by 2 1/2″ and the larger whales were around 5″ by 5″) I then traced the images onto wax paper and cut them out.

I colored most of the fondant dark blue reserving the rest and leaving it white. I rolled out the dark blue fondant and placed the wax paper shape ontop. I used a small knife and cut out the cute little whale shapes. As I cut, using a small brush dabbed in water I wet the backs of the fondant whales so they would stick to the side of the cake. I placed 4 whales around the 6″ cake tier and the 6″ smash cake. I placed 6 whales around the 8″ cake tier. Using a larger wax paper template, I cut out two 5″x5″ whales. I place one ontop of the 6″ cake tier and the 6″ smash cake.

For the waves I rolled out long stips of white fondant. I used a large round piping tip and cut semi circles out of the top of the 1/2 fondant strip to make the waves. using water on the back side fo the fondant, I placed the strips around the bottom edge of the cake tiers.

Last, I used white buttercream frosting and piped the whales eyes, mouths, and spouts using a #2 piping tip.

The birthday boy had a “Whale” of birthday and had a “Whale” of time smashing into his cake! I love being a part of people’s celebrations! I feel honored that even if I am not in attendance personally, I’m there still “there”.


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