Cool Whale and Orca Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

Cool Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

I browsed through a lot of themed birthday cake ideas for kids until I found this one. My son was quite insistent that he have a whale cake for his fourth birthday. This is the first novelty cake I made and as I don’t have any birthday cake ideas for kids, was pleased with his … Read more

A “Whale” of a 1st Birthday Cake

A "Whale" of a 1st Birthday Cake

As I was shopping I ran into a A friend of mine. She said she was throwing her son a “Whale” themed Pool party for his 1st birthday. I saw the decorations she was purchasing in her shopping cart and they were adorable. However, someone in her family was making his cake. (That was fine. … Read more

Coolest Orca Killer Whale Cake

Homemade Orca Killer Whale Cake

This Orca Killer Whale Cake is an easy cake with an unusual animal. I baked a slab of chocolate cake, maybe 9X13 Pyrex, and inverted it onto a blue tray. I put a couple layers of turquoise-tinted butter frosting on it (crumb coat, then a thick, rough layer to look like ocean waves. I made … Read more

Coolest Whale with Baby Whale Cake

Mom and baby whale

My little one wanted a blue whale cake from day one, so I just had to live up to the challenge. I’ve used rice crispy treat to form the body and covered it with marshmallow fondant. I originally did the same with the tail, but it was much too big and heavy after it was … Read more

Coolest Orca Cake

Homemade Orca Cake

This Orca Cake is the cake I prepared for my grandson’s 8th Birthday party over this past weekend. I always ask the question, what sort of cake do you want this year… when he responded with “Grammie, did you ever see the movie Free Willie? I want an Orca Cake” I will not lie, scared … Read more

Coolest Narwhal Birthday Cake

Homemade Narwhal Birthday Cake

I made this Narwhal Birthday Cake for my girlfriend, as her favorite cake is carrot, and one of her favorite animals is the narwhal. I was inspired by the idea that I could make the horn out of a carrot! This was my first theme cake ever, and although it took me forever to make, … Read more

Coolest Narwhal Cake

Homemade Narwhal Cake

My son, who is obsessed with animals, requested a homemade narwhal cake for his 13th birthday. I looked up other narwhal cakes online, but some were really bad. I got this idea from another cake on this website, I think it was a killer whale cake. It took me four days to make this cake. … Read more

Coolest Pink Whale Birthday Cake

Homemade Pink Whale Birthday Cake

For my twins second birthday, they were obsessed with whales. So I decided to try my hand at making a shaped cake for the first time and made this pink whale birthday cake. I used store bought cake mix and made a rectangular cake for the “water”. For the body of the whale, I used … Read more

Coolest Shamu Whale Cake

Homemade  Shamu Whale Cake

I made this Shamu Whale Cake for my little sister after she went to San Diego and saw the Shamu whale show five times. I used a chocolate cake mix. I used a 13×9 cake pan and cut out the torso and tail separately before I stuck them together. Black food dye was a little … Read more

Coolest Whale Cake Design

Homemade Whale Cake Design

I made this cake for a friend’s 3 year old daughter’s birthday party. It was a last minute favor and I think the cake turned out well. She wanted a homemade whale cake design because her daughter was having an underwater theme party. I started out by baking two 11 x 15 sheet cakes. I … Read more