Coolest Whale Birthday Cake

My 4 year old is CRAZY for whales and wanted to raise money to “save the whales” for her birthday party. Having no experience in the cake-making and decorating field, I used many of the helpful ideas already listed on this page for a whale birthday cake.

I found it very user-friendly to make the whale body and tail out of rice krispie treats. While still warm, it is very easy to mold into any shape. I also put a popsicle stick into the base of the tail to help it stay put in the cake. I then let these pieces harden up for a day before covering with the colored fondant.

Never having used fondant before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was fairly easy to use, especially with lots of Crisco to keep it supple and smooth out my mistakes. One thing I didn’t account for was how much bigger my whale body and tail would be after the fondant was added – my whale was almost too big for my cake!

Final touches included gummy fish along the sides of the cake and white chocolate shavings as the foam on the waves next to the whale body.

It was a HUGE hit!

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