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Coolest Baby Einstein Catepillar Birthday Cake 69

by Nicole O.
(Yuma, AZ)

Homemade Baby Einstein Catepillar Birthday Cake

Homemade Baby Einstein Catepillar Birthday Cake

I decided to make this Baby Einstein Catepillar Birthday Cake after seeing pics of all the other Baby Einstein Catepillar cakes on this site. I purchased the Wilton Sports Ball pan from Michaels and used one box of cake mix for every 2 halves.

I alternated with Chocolate and Yellow Cake mix, the head was a white cake mix, but it was a little soft and kind of hard to work with. For the icing I used the premade tub of Wilton white icing colored with Wilton icing coloring (bought the pack of 8 icing colors, the colors were perfect).

I spread a thin layer of each color icing on each section and then used Wilton tip #14 to make the texture pattern. For the face I used a toothpick to draw the outline of the eyes, mouth and cheeks and then used one of my son's baby spoons to scoop out the frosting. Then I filled in the scooped out sections with black and red icing.

The antenae are red pipe cleaners and the cake board is just a big piece of foam board like you would use for a school project. The legs and tail are frosted cupcakes. It was a huge hit and well worth the hours it took to make!

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Are the letter's store bought or homemade?
by: Anonymous

I absolutely love the letters for Connor's name. Did you make those or buy them? I am having a caterpillar cake made for my son's 2nd birthday and would love to have some unique letters like that but I'm not very artistic! Please let me know at


by: Anonymous

I also would LOVE to know how you made those super adorable letters. I'm going to make this cake for my daughters 1st bday party and LOVE LOVE LOVE those letters :) Thanks!

Love the cake
by: Anonymous

Would love to know about the letters. Could you post how you made them?

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Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake 62

by Micki
(Little Rock, AR)

Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

For my son's first birthday I found this site and was inspired by the other Baby Einstein Caterpillar cakes. This is my take on it!

Two Wilton Ball pans, 5 cake mixes and 4 hours of icing. The tail and feet are halves of iced Twinkies, his antennae are Twizzlers. I drew the eyes and mouth on before starring the head. We gave our son the head to "smash".

I did the sections in different flavors, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, and he is sitting on a 3 foot board that I covered with a scrap piece of fabric. There was PLENTY of cake to go around. Unsure of exactly how much icing would be needed, I went ahead and bought the big tub of Wilton premade icing at Walmart. As well as the 12 pack Wilton gel coloring.

The picture doesn't do the colors justice, they were such pure, vibrant colors!

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by: Arlene W.

That is adorable!

Wicked Cool
by: Jeannine

Just ran out and bought the pan. Last one in the store - no directions with it but that's okay. Thanks for the inspiration. Awesome!

by: Anna

That is amazing. Especially to think that those little legs are actually Twinkies. It puts the size in perspective. Kudos to you!

by: Anonymous

I will be trying this hope mine turns out as beautiful as yours did... but I know I am not a pastry chef...

by: Michelle in Texas

Thanks so much for taking the time to share! My son is turning 1 this month and giggles every time he sees the baby Einstein caterpillar go across the screen so this is going to be great! With my Mom coming in town maybe it can turn out as well as yours but...I don't did an amazing job!!

What kind of cake mix did you use?
by: Anonymous

I just bought the pan to make your cake. My cake did not get done in the middle and was like liquid.

Love this cake!!!!
by: Norma Alexandra


I love this cake. I will be doing my son's first baby and the theme is Baby Einstein. This cake is perfect. I will have someone try to do it for me.


by: Anonymous

That is absolutely amazing. I just showed my 10 month old the picture. He smiled and reached out to touch it. Hope I can pull it off. Thanks for the idea!!

by: Anonymous

My kids knew right away this was the Baby Einstein caterpillar. It's gorgeous. I'm attempting it as we "speak." Hope mine is half as good as yours!

This is really CUTE!
by: Anonymous

You did a great job! Wilton also makes a mini ball pan to make this in a smaller size. I am not sure who sells it as Michaels, Jo-Ann's, Hobby Lobby, and AC Moore do not carry it! Complain!!!! For those using the the ball pan. Try cooking the cake at 325 to get it done in the middle. It does take longer to cook! Also a denser cake like a pound cake mixed with either yellow cake or chocolate is more durable! Again, this is way TOO cute!

Awesome Cake!
by: Jinkee

that is a very awesome cake you made! thanks for the inspiration! my son is turning 1 year old in January and I am looking for baby Einstein cake ideas. thanks for the info!

Please do tell
by: Becka

How did u do the eyes?what tip did u use?

Great Job!!
by: Anonymous

Cute cake!! :) just wondering how you made the eyes.

Head support
by: Anonymous

What did you use to hold the head in place? I am trying this, and the cake under the head is giving out. I used skewers to try to anchor it, but no go. Any suggestions?

Head support
by: Anonymous

To support the cake I would put the head on a small round piece of cardboard and add three dowel rods to the lower portion of the cake. Make sure to cut the dowel rods so they do not exceed the height of the layer you are putting them in.

Ball Pan
by: Proud Momma

Hi, how big was your pan? I just got mine in the mail from Wilton and they are small! If you or someone can answer I'd really appreciate it!

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Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake 54

Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

I used the small Wilton ball pan. One cake mix was enough for this Baby Einstein Caterpillar cake.

I frosted each half together to make a 3D shape. The face I used black decorator gel and frosting for the cheeks. The antenna were pipe cleaners, I only had white so I just rubbed them in the red frosting.

I used store bought frosting and colored with Wilton colors. Two balls were smooth and the other two I used 16 tip. I have never make an elaborate cake before and it really wasn't too hard. The feet are one half of a ball cut into wedges. Worked out well. I used several lollipop sticks to keep the head on the body.

I hope my daughter likes it for her first birthday tomorrow.

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Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake 70

by Stephanie C.
(Spencerport, New York)

Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

I saw many Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cakes on this site but I decided to give it my own perfectionist twist for my son's first birthday! This cake was made with 5 different cake mixes using the Wilton sports ball cake pan. Each ball was covered with fondant.

I rubbed water on each ball to give it that nice shine. The coconut around the caterpillar was dyed with green food coloring. The Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake was presented on a piece of wood cut to look like the caterpillar had been munching on a leaf!

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by: Anonymous

This cake is beautiful! How long did it take? How did you get the fondant to be shiny like that? It looks just like the Baby Einstein Caterpillar!

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