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The cakes in this section (and all of the homemade birthday cakes on this Website) have been graciously shared with us by visitors from around the world. You’re more than welcome to copy ideas – after all, that’s what they’re here for. And once you set on creating your own cake, remember to document the process and share your cake with us so others can find inspiration from your creations.

Featured Insect Cakes

Large Beetle Cake

Huge Beetle Cake

So, in December of 2013, my nephew wanted a Beatles cake.  He had come to love their music and so had the Beatles themed party, cake and all.  His younger sister, who loves him very much, wanted a similar cake.  So since she is a warrior princess, we changed the Beatles to beetles and threw in some ladybugs and butterflies as well. Read more about this beetle cake…

Ladybug Birthday Cake

Coolest Ladybug Cake for Daughter's 1st Birthday

My youngest daughter turned one on March 26 and we had her party today, March 29, 2014. I have always wanted to try to make a ladybug cake so it worked out perfectly when I decided to have a ladybug themed birthday party.

This cake was simple but turned out very cute. I baked two- 8 inch round cakes, 1 cake in half of a sports ball pan, and one cupcake. Read more about this Ladybug cake…