My inspiration for the luau cake came from this website. The cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday (Barbie cake) was a disaster, but I thought I’d give it one more try for her 7th. It was really worth it because she loved the cake and so did the guests. I loved the cake too because it was so colorful and 3-D.

For this homemade 3D birthday cake I used one 12” inch round cake for the base, two 9” rounds for the 2nd tier, and one 6” round for the top tier. I used a semi-homemade white cake recipe and a buttercream frosting on all three tiers. Milk duds serve as stones alongside the waterfall, Junior Mints surround the fire, and Milk Duds serve as coconuts (staked onto the palms with toothpicks).

The palm tree trunks and beach wall are made from Pirouline rolled wafers. The trees are held up with skewers. I cut out the palm leaves from craft foam (who would’ve thought finding plastic palms would be so hard!), however I think I came up with a good solution :)

Color is added by using colorful sea creatures and shells made from chocolate molds. The fire was made from melted chocolate also. The Tiki god is made from a carved tootsie roll (it was so tempting to eat him!). The pig, beach blanket, and flowers on the top tier also add color and are made from fondant. The little house and spit (which I had the pig looking at in some discomfort) were made from Pringles baked wheat sticks. I had to use a bit of melted chocolate to weld the spit together.

For the house, I covered a pudding cup with chocolate frosting to glue the sticks and put a mound of frosting on top to glue the roof. The beach sand is made from ground graham crackers. I made the hut, fondant pieces and chocolate molds ahead of time (working mom). This project was great fun. I can’t wait to see what I come up with for next year!