My 1 year old is crazy about owls. I found this site (thank goodness!!) and got heaps of great ideas (thanks to those who perfected the owl) I really didn’t have a lot of time… so I followed instructions as directed on the basic owl shape..

I used 4 buttercake packet mixes to create the body. I used Dolly Varden tins (as we call them in Australia), 2 pkts of the mix done one tin. When cakes were baked and cool I cut off the excess so they sat together nicely to make the tummy. I then used a loaf tin for the head, again cutting a basic owl head shape.

I joined all together using wooden sticks (they were labeled iceblock sticks… (I also used these to make owl cookies on a stick), I used 2 to join the tummy together… and 4 (1/2 ones) to put the head on.

I used a white choc buttercream icing (very yummy and set hard later in fridge so it was fairly solid) and NO added colour which was important being a first birthday. I iced, then decorated. I couldn’t find pineapple, so I opted for dried apple for the eyes. I used white choc melts cut for the beak and little blue speckled Easter eggs for the eyes.

Again almond slices were used for the feathers… the trick is start from the bottom, and work your way up to the top. I wanted something different for the wings and a bit of colour so I used my favorite biscuit honey jumbles (two pkts). I again started from bottom to top. This gave a cute coloured look.

To be honest I make cakes 3 times a year… one for each child. This homemade birthday owl cake took 20mins to decorate. It was so cute and easy. BUT it is heavy and a little top heavy so be careful moving it. Best thing was MY daughter loved it!