I made this amazing Bumblebee Camaro Birthday Cake last weekend for my son’s 7th birthday. He loves Bumblebee as most little guys do. I had never before worked with fondant of any kind and was a little leery. Many people said it was very difficult; I didn’t think it was though. Would I work with fondant again? Yes, in a heart-beat. Even in hot, muggy, southeast Texas in June.

I made the cake the night before, kept it wrapped and started the fun in the morning. It took me about 3 hours to carve, frost, and decorate the cake. I cut the bottom piece about 10″ long and 5″ wide, smeared a little butter-cream on and topped it with another piece about 1″ shorter and narrower. I hand carved the cake how I thought a Camaro looks and then frosted with butter-cream (keeping some aside to keep white and to color gray for detailing).

I kneaded and colored the fondant with paste coloring. The standard yellow wasn’t dark enough and I added just a touch of red to deepen it. I also colored some black for the windows and detailing. I had Red hots for the rear lights applied with glitter red gel (red gel for the side details too, wish I could post more photos on here). The tires are Oreos covered in black fondant, detailed with gray icing for the rims (tap down the frosting with a wet paintbrush for a smooth look) and dragees for the rivets.

To apply the tires, I carved out a little of the cake where they wheels were to go so they would sit inside a “wheel well” of sorts. That way they didn’t look like they were sitting on the outside of the car. I made tread on the tires with a sharp knife all the way around too.

The rear-view mirrors I just pinched and formed and stuck a toothpick into and slide into the side of the car. I even added some gray frosting to them to make them look like real mirrors.

To really finish it off, I brushed water on with a very soft brush to make it “show-room fresh.” That shine lasted about 3 hours. BTW- it fed 10 children and 3 adults. We didn’t make really huge slices, but nobody complained and there was cookie-dough ice cream as well. My son was thrilled- that’s all that mattered to me.

P.S. I made my own fondant using this recipe- Made more than enough to cover this cake.