I made this Cinderella Castle Cake for my daughter’s 2nd Birthday Party. When she choose Cinderella as her theme the gears started turning. I wanted to make her a homemade cake that’s special, since that is what I always had growing up with a mom who made cakes for extra money.

Would I make a castle, a Cinderella, or a carriage? After a lot of research I opted for the castle. I took many ideas from this website and put them all together and came up with this one.

The grassy base is a 12 in round, the castle is a two layer 8 in square with a two layer 6 in round on top. I used cupcakes to make the turrets, stacking two on top of each other for the taller ones and a single one on top. To make the turrets fit better into the castle I cut away the corners of the 8 in square, making room for them to be a part of the castle instead of next to it.

The tops of the turrets are sugar cones covering in a light layer of frosting and rolled in sugar crystals. I used dowels to support each individual layer with cake boards separating them to make slicing easier. The cupcake turrets are supported and held together with a long dowel which extends up into the sugar cone some for additional support.

I found the icing around the base of the cones really helped secure them to the cupcakes though. I used a non-dairy whipped cream frosting that can be found at Smart and Final here on the west coast. I made some fondant and tinted it to purple and fuchsia for the castle details. The flags are two layers of fondant around a toothpick held together with a little corn syrup.

I let these set out overnight, helping them to gain rigidity to hold their own with out a lot of support, placing them on the cake in the morning. After I finished frosting the green base I tinted the icing a little darker and used it to pipe the vines and grass details. The flowers are candy flowers from the cake decorating shop, I saved some time there instead of making them out of fondant myself.

To make the stairway for Cinderella’s glass slipper I cut a small “V” out of the bottom layer and stacked KitKats on top of each other making the mold. I then covered the KitKats with white fondant, this seemed to work very well and was the perfect size for Cinderella’s slipper.

The Cinderella doll was just a miniature doll that can be bought at any toy store, and now acts as a toy for my little girl. You can’t see it in the picture, but on the back I made a banner out of fondant and wrote “Happy Birthday Princess Stevie” on it, it was a delightful added touch. The only problem I had was that the toothpick flags would not stay upright. When I inserted them into the top of the sugar cone on the morning of the party the cone had been softened by the moisture of the icing and it broke a little. I would suggest poking a pilot hole in the cones before frosting and assembling, or using a tad more frosting detail around the toothpicks to help support them, this might solve the problem.

Overall, I was very pleased with my castle cake, after all it was my first attempt at a 3D cake without a mold. All the kids at the party really enjoyed it and didn’t even care that the flags weren’t quite straight.