This pretty pink princess castle cake was humongous!  I made the base of a 14x14x2 double layer cake, the second layer was a 12x12x2 double layer cake, and the top was a 10x10x2 round double layer cake.  The cakes were supported on cardboard and I used lollipop sticks to support the weight of the layers. It was the first ever stacked cake I made, so I didn’t have all the stuff needed and just used what I had on hand. It did make it to the party!

The castle turrets turned out really awesome. I used 2 ice cream cups spread with tinted pink candy melts and placed them bottom to bottom. I pressed them until the candy melts dried and held the ice cream cups together.  I sprinkled them with Wilton’s Pink Cake Sparkles. I used an ice cream sugar cone for the turrets, spread with tinted purple candy melts and sprinkled with Wilton’s White Cake Sparkles to give them a sparkly shimmer. I pressed them into the top of the stacked ice cream cake cones, until they dried.  It only takes a few minutes. You can add a little more to coat the inside the top of the cone where they come together.  

I pressed the completed turrets into the corners of the cake after it was decorated with butter cream frosting.  I really love the ice cream cup turrets, using the 3 ice cream cones really gave it a real castle look!  If I make this design again, I would cut spaces in the the tops and add small windows and maybe more vines going up the sides of the turrets as well to make it more realistic. 

For the castle body: I used a spatula to frost the tops and sides in pink butter cream icing. Using a spatula I made the windows in yellow butter cream  and then decorated the castle sides with pink butter cream using the flat end of a basket weave decorating tip 47, or you can use the flat (carnation) tip 45 to make the bricks. It was an easy process to cover the layers. I decorated the castle wall with vines in purple and yellow rosebuds and drop flowers, and filled them in with tiny green leaves.

I piped flat purple strips for the castle door. Then I used the grass tip to make random green grass around the sides of the castle. This cake was really heavy, so I had to support it, and just used the 16×10 cooling rack to support the weight. I transported it in a 1/2 sheet box with the sides and lid taped, since it didn’t really fit. It turned out to be an awesome pink castle for a little pretty princess!